International road transport

Transportation of oversized cargo

International road transport in Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.

One of the main signs of technological development of any country is the level of its motor transport system. Republic of Belarus takes one of the leading positions among CIS-countries in the field of international road transport. Geographic location itself is highly favourable to the development of the shipping industry. There are thousands of forwarding and transportation companies and self-employed entrepreneurs on this market. The main directions in the development of road transport are establishing of competitive environment on foreign and domestic markets and successful development of cross-border logistics. International road transport is the most versatile and efficient transportation way for any type of cargo: oversize, dangerous, valuable and even perishable.

Our advantages:

Worldwide and reliable net of partner forwarders based on official contracts

Attractive and flexible payment conditions for our loyal customers


From single up to full range services in departure and arrival countries

Fast and precise fulfilment of customer’s instructions

Your benefits:

We deliver various types of consolidated and full truck loads by different truck types to and from Western and Central Europe, Scandinavia, Turkey and other countries of Middle East, CIS and Baltic countries (import/export/transit).

Our services:

Road transport of full truck loads by all types of trucks from 82 up to 120 m3;

Road transport of less-than-truck loads in Europe using transit warehouses (Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Lithuania), consolidation of the goods for one consignee from different shippers;

Door-to-door delivery of full truck and consolidated cargo, including customs procedure consulting;

International road transport of oversize, dangerous, valuable, perishable and special cargo;

Express delivery by light vehicles (2 t up to 8 t, 18 – 60 m3);

Insurance of valuable goods;

Cargo processing in consolidation warehouses (weigh-in, labelling, packing, repacking, palletizing, warehousing, storage);

Traceability records, issuing of export (EX1) and transit (Т1) declarations, CARNET TIR and international consignment notes CMR.

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