International air freight

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International air freight

Air freight is the most modern and technological way of cargo transportation. Besides of that it’s the fastest way to deliver your cargo to the required destination. Due to its special features international air freight has a number of both essential advantages and disadvantages.

International air freight

Main advantages of transport by air:

  • High speed;
  • Possible delivery to hard-to-reach areas.

Main disadvantages of transport by air:

  • Higher costs in comparison with road and ocean transport;
  • High weather conditions dependence;
  • Required availability of an airport at the load and destination point (is irrelevant to helicopter transport);
  • Relative low load lifting capacity in comparison with the sea transport.

However we have to understand that all above disadvantages are losing importance when it comes to delivery of nutrition products, perishable, valuable goods, courier post, human organs etc.

Exactly transport by air both import and export are the most important milestones on our way to success and pushed development of other means of transport we offer now. We offer our customers both import and export by air from Belarus to Europe, USA, China and other Asian countries, Africa, South and Latin America.

We offer transport of:

  • Special, valuable, heavy, oversize, fragile and perishable goods;
  • All hazard classes cargo and customs processing (IATA certificate);
  • All types of equipment, high-technology devices, electronics, communications tools, medicaments, garments, nutrition products, furniture etc.;
  • Diplomatic bags and dual-use items.

Our transportation geography:

We deliver different goods worldwide from any destination point in any direction by regular passenger and cargo flights and charter flights (import/export/transit).

Our services:

  • Wide variety of delivery ways inclusive “door-to-door delivery”;
  • Delivery to and from the airport;
  • Traceability records (load manifest, AWB etc.);
  • Cargo processing in the airport (weigh-in, labelling, packing, repacking, palletizing, warehousing, storage);
  • Customs processing of cargo in the departure and arrival airports;
  • Services for declaring and consulting for customs processing of goods in the national Airport Minsk;
  • Customs transit;
  • Cargo consolidation in the airport terminals for one consignee from different shippers;
  • Bonded carrier;
  • Insurance.

Your profits:

  • Actions of all transportation process participants are concerted and well coordinated;
  • Regular cargo position location information;
  • On-time delivery;
  • Comprehensive consultation on optimal delivery ways and customs procedure;
  • Individual approach to every specific to the delivery route.

Our advantages:

  • From single up to full range services in departure and arrival airports;
  • Individual approach to every customer;
  • Fast and precise fulfilment of customer’s instructions;
  • Many years‘ experience, competence and deep knowledge of all aspects delivering all types of goods;
  • Worldwide and reliable net of partner forwarders based on official contracts;
  • Attractive and flexible payment conditions for our loyal customers.

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