Multimodal transport

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Multimodal or combined transport is a shipment arranged by two or more means of transport (sea, railroad, truck and transport by air) using all manner of infrastructure (terminals, consolidation warehouses, harbours, airports). It is necessary to underline that only one forwarder is responsible for the complete delivery from the beginning to the end. Multimodal or combined transports are in demand in international cargo delivery in the whole world because not always there is direct connection between departure location and destination point. Usually sea freight is an integral part of multimodal transport.

Multimodal transport

Main advantages of multimodal transport:

  • Promptness of cargo delivery;
  • Cost effectiveness.

Main disadvantage of multimodal transport:

  • By reason of demand for high coordination grade and staff integration highly qualified and experienced specialists are required to arrange multimodal cargo delivery.

We offer transport of:

  • Dangerous, oversize, perishable, heavy, fragile, valuable and special cargo;
  • All hazard classes cargo and customs processing and delivery;
  • All types of equipment, high-technology devices, electronics, communications tools, medicaments, garments, nutrition products, furniture etc.;
  • Diplomatic bags and dual-use items.

Our transportation geography:

Worldwide delivery by all means of transport.

Our services:

  • Full range offer for deliveries of separate or consolidated cargo;
  • Cargo consolidation for one consignee from different shippers;
  • “Door-to-door delivery”;
  • Transportation of dangerous, oversize and heavy-weight cargo;
  • Cargo processing in consolidation warehouses (weigh-in, labelling, packing, repacking, palletizing, warehousing, storage);
  • Customs processing advisory service;
  • Insurance;
  • Traceability records (load manifest, way-bill etc.).

Your benefits:

  • Actions of all transportation process participants are concerted and well coordinated;
  • Regular cargo position location information;
  • On-time delivery;
  • Comprehensive consultation on optimal delivery ways and customs procedure;
  • Individual approach to every specific to the delivery route.

Our advantages:

  • From single up to full range services in departure and arrival countries;
  • Individual approach to every customer;
  • Fast and precise fulfilment of customer’s instructions;
  • Many years‘ experience, competence;
  • Deep knowledge of local market and all aspects delivering all types of goods;
  • Worldwide and reliable net of partner forwarders based on official contracts;
  • Attractive and flexible payment conditions for our loyal customers.

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