Sea transport

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Delivery of the goods by boat is one of the oldest and most economic means of transport. River shipping is undergoing decay period, but international sea transport increased enormous. Many of Belarusian importers and exporters do prefer container shipments by sea. The reason is a number of undisputable advantages of sea transport.

Sea transport

Main advantages of sea transport:

  • Reasonable freight rates due to increased payload delivery rate of modern ships and higher business cluster;
  • Forecastability of container delivery by sea;
  • Higher safety in comparison with other means of transport;
  • Oversize cargo transportation possibility;
  • Flexible routes in comparison with trains and trucks which are literally anchored on the rails and roads;
  • The lowest number of loss occurrences in comparison with other means of transport;
  • Availability of special tare – containers. Modern containers allow transportation of nearly all types of goods without any contact to other cargo.
  • Nevertheless in spite of undisputable advantages sea transport has some weak points

Main disadvantages of sea transport:

  • In most cases containers are property of shipping lines what means probable additional costs for customer if demurrage and detention period expires; • Ships as other means of transport sometimes have technical troubles what can result delivery date shift; • Schedule conflicts between different means of transport during multimodal delivery.

As is evident from the outgoing sea transport has rather more advantages than weak points what causes continuous growth of popularity of this means of transportation.

We offer transport of:

  • Dangerous, oversize, perishable, heavy, valuable and special cargo;
  • All hazard classes cargo and customs processing and delivery;
  • All types of equipment, high-technology devices, electronics, communications tools, medicaments, garments, nutrition products, furniture etc.;
  • Diplomatic bags and dual-use items.

Our transportation geography:

Import and export via sea harbours of Klaipeda, Riga, Tallinn, Odessa. Hamburg and other to South-East Asia (China, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan). We also offer container delivery from some European countries as Spain, Great Britain and Italy.

Full range of services:

  • Full range offer for FCL (Full Container Load) deliveries in separate containers or LCL (Less than Container Load) deliveries as consolidated cargo;
  • Cargo consolidation for one consignee from different shippers;
  • “Door-to-door delivery”;
  • Transportation of dangerous, oversize and heavy-weight cargo;
  • Stevedoring and processing of transit cargo in sea harbours, return of empty containers, warehousing and repacking of goods;
  • Container delivery by truck and/or train from and to sea harbours;
  • Surveying inspection;
  • Customs processing advisory service;
  • Insurance;
  • Traceability records (load manifest, sea way-bill etc.).

Your benefits:

  • Actions of all transportation process participants are concerted and well coordinated;
  • Regular cargo position location information;
  • On-time delivery;
  • Comprehensive consultation on optimal delivery ways and customs procedure;
  • Individual approach to every specific to the delivery route.

Our advantages:

  • From single up to full range services in departure and arrival countries;
  • Individual approach to every customer;
  • Fast and precise fulfilment of customer’s instructions;
  • Many years‘ experience, competence;
  • Deep knowledge of local market and all aspects delivering all types of goods;
  • Worldwide and reliable net of partner forwarders based on official contracts;
  • Attractive and flexible payment conditions for our loyal customers.

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